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Scallion Dehydration
How to dry scallion?
By BAIXIN vegetable dehydrator
Directions :
Dried shallots are versatile and can be used to make various bread, salty cakes, meat fillings, food seasonings, etc. Dry fresh green onions into dried green onions for long-term storage. The Baixin green onion dryer can be divided into multiple stages to dehydrate the green onions at medium and low temperatures so that the green onions can be dried better. The scallions dried in the Baixin scallion dryer retain their original aroma and appearance.
Wash the scallions and cut them into small pieces. If the output is large, you can use professional scallion cleaning machine and slicer.
Set the scallion dryer to the following parameters to dry the chopped scallions. Drying temperature: 55 ℃, drying relative humidity: 5%
Chopped scallions need about 3 ~ 6 hours to dry. Generally speaking, in order to keep the green of scallions, the temperature of 55 ℃ can be used in the early stage. Such a lower temperature helps to maintain the color of scallions. Then in the second stage, after the green of scallions is fixed, it can be dried at a higher temperature of 60 ~ 62 ℃.
The dried red pepper will regain moisture when they are in direct contact with the air, so a sealed package is required. If you use vacuum packaging, you can better preserve the color and aroma of red pepper.
The upper part of the scallion (the hollow green part) is preferably cut into 5 mm ~ 10 mm,  drying with 3 hours.The root of the scallion (white part)  is preferably cut into 3 mm ~ 5 mm.  This part is very protective and hard to dry, so it takes about 6 hours for drying. (If you use a large-volume continuous multi-layer mesh belt scallion dryer, the drying can be completed in 0.5-2 hours.)

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Power Input :1KW-60KW
Heat Source :Electricity, Coal,Wood chips,Natural gas, etc
Commercial & industrial All-in-one scallion dehydrators are the world’s most versatile food dryer machine. They are durable and ideal for small to large businesses that dry fruits and vegetables, flowers and leaves, meats and pet treats, herbs and spices, nuts and seeds, seafood for sale.
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The industrial scallion drying machine adopts medium and low temperature for drying, After drying, the scallion's original color, shape, and nutrient content can be completely retained.
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