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Mushroom Drying Machine

Product Type :
Hot air drying oven
Output :
Drying Time :
Power Supply :
220V / 380V / 50Hz
Power Input :
Heat Source :
Electricity,coal,wood chips,natural gas,diesel,propane etc
Customization :
Can be customized
Applicable :
Vegetables/fruits/herbs/agriculture etc
Core Advantages :
Easy operation/Low cost/Clean and sanitary/Wide application
Mushroom drying process

How to dry mushroom

1: pick mushroom

Due to the different quality and maturity of mushroom, unsuitable mushroom should be selected before drying.

2: clean the mushroom

To clean the surface dust of mushroom, if the output is large, it is recommended to use a professional mushroom cleaning machine.

3: mushroom slice

Mushrooms need to be sliced.

4: Put the mushroom on the tray

Spread the mushroom evenly on the tray with a thickness of about 5 cm, and then put them in the drying oven.

5: mushroom drying

Set the temperature in the drying room to 65°C and the humidity to 10%. Dry for 6~8 hours to complete the mushroom drying.

6: storage

The dried mushroom will regain moisture when they are in direct contact with the air, so a sealed package is required. If you use vacuum packaging, you can better preserve the color and aroma of mushroom.

Mushroom drying machine introduction

Working principle of mushroom drying machine

The mushroom heat pump dryer adopts the principle of reverse Carnot cycle. It absorbs low-temperature heat energy in the air, and becomes high-temperature heat energy after efficient heat collection and integration of the heat pump system, which is transported to the drying room to circulate heating and drying the mushroom, and the hot and humid air in the drying room is directly discharged to the outside of the drying room through the dehumidifier.

The mushroom heat pump dryer can quickly remove the water in the mushroom without affecting the original color, shape and nutrient content of the mushroom. The mushroom drying oven is equipped with a computer control system, which can realize automatic temperature control. The drying temperature range of the heat pump dryer is 20-80°C, and the materials suitable for drying are very wide, such as grains, edible fungi, medicines, seafood, bacon, fruits and vegetables, tobacco leaves, seeds, spices, etc.

Components of mushroom drying machine

One set mushroom drying machine contains:

1:Heat pump drying host

2:Drying chamber

3:Fan frame with fan

4:Trolley with tray

The drying chamber is used 100mm polyurethane insulation board, supporting 304 stainless steel trolleys and trays.

Advantages of mushroom drying machine

1:High quality: mushroom can be maintained full of shape, bright, color.

2:Fast dehydration: 4-6 hours per batch according to different materials.

3:Wide application: a variety of materials can be dried like vegetables, fruits, herbs, meat, seafood and etc.

4:Efficient and environmentally friendly, absorb heat from the air to dry the materials, without any pollution emissions and save about 70% of operating costs compared with traditional drying technology.

5:Simple operation, easy installation or no installation.

Technical parameters of mushroom drying machine
Drying oven list
type machine size(MM) Capacity (KG)  power Qty of fan fan power total power(kw) Qty of cart Qty of tray cart size(MM) tray size(MM)
3P A 3500×2200×2200 200-400 2.25 6 0.25/pc 3.75 6 78 670×810 600×800
8P A 5300×2200×2800 450-750 6 12 0.37/pc 10.44 6 156 1210×870 600×800
15P 7500×3000×2800 900-1500 11.25 12 0.55/pc 17.85 12 312 1210×870 600×800
1P D 1180×680×1800 50-80 1 1 15 600×800
3P D 2100×930×2100 120-300 3.5 3.5 40/60 600×800
8P D 4000×1960×2050 650-1000 8 8 8 232 600×800 600×800
The drying machine can be equipped according to the user’s requirements and the production demands.
Application of mushroom drying machine

The heat pump can be used in many application,like

agriculture,industry,seafood,grain,herbs,construction,paper products,seasoning,mineral industry,etc.

1:Dry vegetables: like radish, lettuce, pumpkin, carrots, spinach, cassava,etc.

2:Dry fruits:like apple, lemon, mango slices, peach,apricot,etc.

3:Dry meat: like sausage, beef, duck, ham,etc.

4:Dry seafood:fish, shrimp, seaweed,etc.

5:Others it can dry noodle, wooden ,stick incense,herbs , etc.

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Do you provide equipment operation training?
Yes. We can send professional engineers to the working site to guide the installation, adjustment, and operation training. All of our engineers have passports.
Now we plan to make the drying project, what should we do?
Firstly, we need to know the original moisture content of the material and after drying the final moisture content that you want to achieve. Secondly, please tell us what is your required capacity per hour or per day? Thirdly, what kind of fuel do you want to use? Coal, gas, electrical, or others. We can according to your answer recommend you the accurate drying model and design the matching heating system for your project.
What kind of drying machine is suitable for me?
We offer three types of food dryer machines: multi-layer belt drying machine, heat pump drying machine, and microwave food drying machine. Generally speaking, the multi-layer belt drying machine is more suitable for large-scale food drying, heat pump drying machine tends to be easier to operate and frequently used in the small and medium drying process, and The microwave dryer has higher drying efficiency and sterilization function. Based on your production situation, you can choose the suitable one.
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