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Continuous mesh belt dryer

Black Pepper Dryer

Product Type :
Continuous multi-layer mesh belt dryer
Output :
Drying Time :
Power Input :
Heat Source :
Coal,wood chips,natural gas,diesel,propane,electricity etc
Customization :
Can be customized
Applicable :
Vegetables/fruits/herbs/agriculture etc
Core Advantages :
Continuous automatic work/ large output/dryer time short/flexible heat source selection
Black pepper drying process

How to dry black pepper :

1:Place the black pepper on the conveyor belt of the black pepper dryer. The black pepper is spread on the feeder by the homogenizing device on the conveyor belt.The stacking thickness of black pepper is 10-20CM.

2:After the black pepper enters the black pepper dryer, it runs in an “S” shape in the dryer. The transmission part of the black pepper dryer adopts a variable-frequency speed-regulating motor, which can control the internal operation time of the drying according to the difference of the water content of the black pepper.

3:The wind speed and wind pressure generated by the hot air blower make the hot air fully and evenly distributed inside the black pepper dryer. Because the lower pressure is greater than the upper pressure, the hot air naturally moves upward, passing through each layer of the mesh belt, plus the movement and rolling of the black pepper, Make the black pepper fully contact with the hot air, fully heat exchange, and improve the drying efficiency. The dried black pepper will drain through the last layer.

Black pepper dryer introduction

Working principle of black pepper dryer

Black pepper dryer machine is a kind of continuous production drying equipment, the main heating way has electric heating, steam heating, hot air heating. Its main working principle is to spread the material evenly in the network. The material is moved in the dryer by the operation of the machine, and the hot air draws out the water vapor of the material. so as to achieve the purpose of drying.

The operation temperature is 40-120 degrees centigrade. And the dry cycle is 1-5 hours.

 Components of black pepper dryer:

Black pepper dryer includes a heat source, feed conveyor, air intake system, discharge conveyor, electronic control system, and drying host.

Heat source selection of black pepper dryer

The optional heat sources for the black pepper dryer are electricity, oil, natural gas, coal, wood, and steam.

Detail display of black pepper dryer

Advantages of black pepper dryer

1. High capacity: The black pepper dryer has continuous automatic production, fast dehydration speed, short drying time and high output.

2. High quality:Black pepper can be maintained full of shape,bright,color.

3. Clean and sanitation: The entire black pepper drying process is completed in a closed box, free from external pollution.

4. Intelligent and controllable: High degree of automation equipment,simple operation.Drying area, air pressure, air flow, drying temperature and belt running speed can be adjust.

5. Wide usage: Can be used for material from any field.

6. Flexible heat source selection: Coal,wood chips,natural gas,diesel,propane,electricity etc.

7. Flexible mobility, simple or without installation.

Technical parameters of black pepper dryer
continuous mesh belt dryer list
Model operation temperature drying time thickness of the material the size of motor capacity heat source total power
BX-2*6M 40-120℃ 0.5-5h 50-200mm 6*2*2.5 200-400kg/h electricity 66.5kw
natural gas/propane 12.22kw
coal/wood chips 13.72kw
steam 11.22kw
BX-2*9M 9*2*2.5 500-800kg/h electricity 79.76kw
natural gas/propane 20.12kw
coal/wood chips 23.12kw
steam 16.62kw
BX-2*12M 12*2*2.5 1000-1500kg/h electricity 153.12kw
natural gas/propane 33.12kw
coal/wood chips 36.12kw
steam 25.62kw
The continuous drying machine can be equipped according to the user’s requirement and the production demands.
Application of black pepper dryer

The mesh belt dryer machine is suitable for food series, vegetable series, fruit series, pharmaceutical series, agricultural and sideline products of large-scale continuous dehydration drying. It is an ideal choice for large enterprises to dry fruits, vegetables, flowers, leaves, meat, pet snacks, herbs, spices, nuts, seeds, and seafood.

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Now we plan to make the drying project, what should we do?
Firstly, we need to know the original moisture content of the material and after drying the final moisture content that you want to achieve. Secondly, please tell us what is your required capacity per hour or per day? Thirdly, what kind of fuel do you want to use? Coal, gas, electrical, or others. We can according to your answer recommend you the accurate drying model and design the matching heating system for your project.
What kind of drying machine is suitable for me?
We offer three types of food dryer machines: multi-layer belt drying machine, heat pump drying machine, and microwave food drying machine. Generally speaking, the multi-layer belt drying machine is more suitable for large-scale food drying, heat pump drying machine tends to be easier to operate and frequently used in the small and medium drying process, and The microwave dryer has higher drying efficiency and sterilization function. Based on your production situation, you can choose the suitable one.
Do you provide equipment operation training?
Yes. We can send professional engineers to the working site to guide the installation, adjustment, and operation training. All of our engineers have passports.
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